Let's find a part-time job for athletes!

by - July 27, 2022


The place where only women receive as guests is called Hostbar or Jeongpa, and the place where both men and women receive as guests is called Jungpa or Junpa. There was a diva that only women receive as guests, but there were players who were a little lacking than Jung-pa, but now they are all classified as host bars or Ivan bars. There are differences in the appearance and speech of players depending on the region, but there are differences there except for certain regions. Ivanba, as its name suggests, is where men come to find men.

Contrary to general thoughts, appearance is important for hosts, but when you hear from actual workers, many people who are eloquent and funny are aces. I was surprised that a short and fat person was the store's ace, but in reality, there are cases where men admit it because they have a lot of fun. While room salons are often workplace entertainment, the host is mainly said to come with rich wives or women working at entertainment establishments.

In particular, in the case of entertainment workers, there are quite a few cases where they go to relieve the stress accumulated from working at host bar receptionists. Recently, as the perception of host clubs has changed, more men have also been looking for male players 선수다. It is clear that tall and handsome faces are advantageous if they have only two physical conditions. This is a fact that no one can deny, so there are many advantages if you are outstanding in appearance.

However, I think it is the difference between hostess and host that this is not everything to the host. Each woman is subjective and has different standards, so it cannot be the answer. A player can be seen as a product. The prettier and more expensive the product, the better it sells, so some investment in yourself is needed. Usually, men who enter Hopa want to make a lot of money while enjoying themselves comfortably.

However, it is natural that it is not as easy as it is in the beginning. Even if the choice is not good, you should be patient and pay attention to the comments and actions of other players who are in with you when you become a choice. That way, it becomes the foundation for you to become an ace later. As everyone knows, the player can be seen as a third-rate celebrity.

If you are excellent in all aspects, such as appearance, comments, singing skills, and dance skills, you can see a fairly rapid growth, but humans are not such perfect beings, so you should try to make an effort. Men's reporting is not a good drinker, but even women who come to Korea pay to relieve stress, so they want to have more fun. If you follow the above-mentioned content to some extent, the way to the ace will be faster.

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